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Regina Weiss, who is named as the plaintiff in the lawsuit, was the former chief of communications for Markowitz and claims that several staff members were recruited to work on Markowitz's 2005 campaign while on the city's time and payroll. Weiss and a half a dozen other staffers were allegedly asked to work on campaign press releases and were asked to assist in helping him prepare for an upcoming debate. Campaign related duties are to take place on a separate payroll and not during city hours or in city facilities.

Markowitz has fervently denied the allegations while blasting Weiss and her claims. He did admit to calling a former employee Tinkerbell because she supposedly left her belongings scattered about the office like fairy dust. Markowitz has also admitted to keeping the male staffer with scant attendance and unprofessional appearance but out of compassion and not favoritism. Meanwhile, the New York press is having a field day with the allegations against Markowitz and are waiting to see if any more scandalous details will be brought to light.

Marc Cherry has declined to make any comments in regard to the lawsuit while former coworkers of Sheridan’s, like Eva Langoria-Parker, have stated that they are surprised and shocked by the allegations of discrimination and abuse.

Class action lawsuits occur when a number of people have the same collective complaint against another entity or entities. Reasons for filing class action lawsuits include products that harm or lead to the harm of consumers, or businesses that allow employees to violate standards set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. Another reason that a class action lawsuit may be filed against a company or organization is a dispute over wages and hours worked.

In July 2008, retail giant Wal-Mart was forced to pay over $6 million in damages to nearly 60,000 Minnesota employees for violating wage laws. It was neither the first nor the last time Wal-Mart has faced class action for violating wage and hourly labor laws, as the corporation has been named in over 60 class action lawsuits.

РАЗРАБОТАНЫ ордена Трудового Красного Знамени проектным институтом Промстройпроект (канд. техн. наук Б.В. Баркалов ), Государственным проектным конструкторским и научно-исследовательским институтом Сантехниипроект Госстроя России ( Т.И. Садовская ) при участии института ГипроНИИ Академии наук СССР (д-р техн. наук Е.Е. Карпис , М.В. Шувалова ), ВНИИПО МВД СССР (канд. техн. наук И.И. Ильминский ), МНИИТЭП (канд. техн. наук М.М. Грудзинский ), Рижского политехнического института (канд. техн. наук А.М. Сизов ) и Тюменского инженерно-строительного института (канд. техн. наук А.Ф. Шаповал ).

ПОДГОТОВЛЕНЫ К УТВЕРЖДЕНИЮ Управлением стандартизации и технических норм в строительстве Госстроя СССР ( В.А. Глухарев ).

СНиП 2.04.05-91* является переизданием СНиП 2.04.05-91 с изменением № 1, утвержденным постановлением Госстроя России от 21 января 1994 г. № 18-3, и изменением № 2, утвержденным постановлением Госстроя России от 15 мая 1997 г. № 18-11.

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